What Looks Good This Week

I know I am a little behind, but as I finally sat down to look through some papers I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss some good deals out there.  Out of all the ads the first one to jump out at me as some good options was Haggen. HAGGEN Cantaloupe or Seedless […]

My Picks for the Week-Is the Produce Good?

The season is upon us for fresh fruits and veggies.  Today I walked by the peaches and they smelled amazing.  I love peaches, they are my favorite fruit, but I never buy this time of year.  It’s still a little early and usually buying at the high price is usually (but not always) followed by […]

My Picks of the Week

These are the items that I think are a good deal.  I don’t list everything and I mostly stay away from processed foods, so I look for all the good deals with that in mind. It was ironic in the Portland Food Day that the topic was Radical Homemaking.  It was about really getting back […]

Wine Deal and More at Haggen

We were at the grocery store tonight and we saw these wines.  They were regualary priced at $13 a bottle, but on sale for $7.99.  That’s not all, there was a hanging tag that said if you buy 2 you get an additional $4 off.  We figured we couldn’t pass that up, so be bought […]

Haggen 2/24- 3/2

Haggen has some great veggies this week that I am going to take advantage of plus a few other great deals  I want to bring to your attention.  But again like the other stores, not a lot going on this week. Asparagus $1.28 lb Petite Carrots $.89 w/in ad coupon 5lb Bag Idaho Potatoes $.79 […]