Insurance Paid for My ADR

Some of you might know what this is, others will have no idea. But it’s true health insurance has agreed to pay for my back surgery. My insurance agreed to pay for the ADR or Anterior Disc Replacement surgery that I had back in June 2010. So that bad boy you see above is in […]

4 Simple Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

Tuesday’s Tip – There are a few ways to save on prescription drugs, I just wish someone would have told me sooner before I had spent so much. Buy them at Costco without your insurance – I know this sounds crazy, but with certain prescriptions are cheaper this way, you will just need to get […]

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth the Money?

If anyone ever asks me if LASIK was worth the money I spent, I without hesitation say “YES!” The only thing I really regret about my LASIK was waiting so long to get it.  We had the money set aside for years, but I am a wuss and getting the courage to do it took […]

3 Tips to Avoid the Common Cold

Yep, that’s it, just 3 easy steps. Don’t touch your eyes or nose if you haven’t washed your hands.  If you are not sure, use your shirt, just don’t let your kids catch you. At the first signs of “I wonder if I might be getting it” take Airborne every 3 hours throughout the day. […]

Health Insurance Hoops

I know you often come here looking for deals or coupons or pictures of what I bought or what I broke or better yet what I want to buy this week.  After all that’s what my site is about right? Well in the midst of all those things like happens.  Which is why I show […]