Insurance Paid for My ADR

Some of you might know what this is, others will have no idea. But it’s true health insurance has agreed to pay for my back surgery. My insurance agreed to pay for the ADR or Anterior Disc Replacement surgery that I had back in June 2010. So that bad boy you see above is in […]

Frugal Made Me Do It

I will do just about anything to save money and today I think I am willing to do something I swore I would never do again.   Acupuncture….LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE NEEDLES!!!! Let me back up and explain how I got to here. I first shared with all of you that I had decided […]

Saving a Little Helps A Lot

It’s the weekend and for that I am thankful.  It’s been a busy crazy week.  I continue to fight with my health insurance company over my surgery.  We turned in a 44 page appeal and we have finally stopped them dead in their tracks or at least we think we have.  We have learned a […]

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Save Money on Health Insurance

When is the last time you did  your homework, including your math, and made sure you were getting the best possible deal on your Health Insurance? Whenever our renewal comes, I double check to make sure we are still making the best decision and paying the best price for our family. Here a few things […]