Don’t Be Afraid! 3 Steps to Selling Your Own Home

This is actually tons easier than people think. Many people do it and many people are successful. Plus it’s a great money saver if you are willing to give it a shot. 1.  Get Your House Seen You can still get your house listed on an MLS listing and the cost is a fraction of […]

Home Refinance Rates. Are They Worth It?

Home mortgage refinancing sounds like a good idea, especially with the low interest home loans. So why would it NOT be a good idea to refinance home loans? If you qualify, you need to take advantage home mortgage refinancing, but you need to be aware of some new rules that have gone into place to […]

Fred Meyer’s Fuchsia Saturday

Buy a Fuchia toady from Fred Meyers and they will plant it for FREE using Black Gold Potting soil.  Not sure what a Fuchsia is. They are the gorgeous hanging baskets upi always see hanging on peoples front porches or back patios. There are actually a wide variety of starts this year including Fuchsias, see […]