Top 3 Summer Meals and Summer Fun Activites

I haven’t been around a lot lately and I do apologize. I have been trying to take full advantage of summer. PROJECTS :: I have worked on hard on 2 outdoor projects, redoing my outdoor table and spray painting my plastic chairs. I finally got the projects done and was so excited since I had […]

Updating Outdoor Furniture

I bought these 2 chairs at a yard sale for 33¢ each. Yep you read that right. He had both chairs priced at 50¢ each and when I asked how much for the matching stool, he just said to take it. So I did,  I got all 3 for just a buck. So technically the […]

Real Deals Groupon

Today’s Groupon is a really, really good one that you need to take advantage of if you live in the Portland area.  It’s $12 for $25 worth of goods from Real Deals. Real Deals is a home decor store that has amazing things at super affordable prices.  For instance I bought my mom a Mother’s […]