More Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

If you read about my Yard Sale you will remember that I sold my patio set. My husband did not like it. I really liked it, but we ended up selling it for more than we paid for it, so it’s gone. We went out walking one night shortly after that and saw that our […]

Updating Outdoor Furniture

I bought these 2 chairs at a yard sale for 33¢ each. Yep you read that right. He had both chairs priced at 50¢ each and when I asked how much for the matching stool, he just said to take it. So I did,  I got all 3 for just a buck. So technically the […]

Change Your Room Instantly and Easily

I have been really content with my house.  I have it basically decorated the way I want, I have it painted throughout, yet I still have room for those things that I might run across that “I need.” Even though I am happy I decided that it was time for a little change. We have […]