Entertaining on a Budget

I had the Homecoming Dinner at our house for my daughters group. I was able to serve a very elegant dinner for not a lot of money. It saved all the kids money not having to go out to eat, but it also gave the girls less time in those high heel shoes that they […]

10 Ways to Have an Organized “File by Pile” Method

  I file by pile. It’s a sad truth. But, in my defense, I know where things are because I kind of have a system, or so I think. The best way to have an organized “File by Pile” method is to have them at least contained. Here are 10 ways to to contain those […]

A Day of Savings

I really love eating out and good food. So I am always looking for ways to save money so I can keep enjoying those things. Today was that day, a day of coupons and savings. After a crazy week I love to get up on Saturday morning, with my husband and head somewhere and drink […]

My Review of French Prairie Gardens CSA

I have never done a CSA – Consumer Support Agriculture. The biggest reason is everyone tells you that you will get so many veggies you won’t be able to eat them all. Early on my kids weren’t big veggie eaters, so it didn’t make sense. Now it’s changed and they eat a lot. The other […]

How to Pay for Your College Education Part 2

Many people start thinking about college when the kids are Juniors. Those that are really on the ball might even start when the kids are Sophomores. It’s kind of hard to think about your child starting high school and leaving home all at the same time. We as parents like to live in denial that […]

Senior Pictures. A Splurge or Not?

That is the question…… Now I am just trying to find the answer. I just came across this website that mocked all the senior picture poses from years gone by. You know what I’m talking about. Leaning against a ladder, like it’s something you do every day. Or snuggled up against a wall, because that’s […]

How to Freeze Peaches and Other Fruit

Wow, we have had fruit coming out of our ears and I LOVE IT!! Freezing blueberries, raspberries and black berries is a no brainer. We do it all the time, by freezing on a cookie sheet first then toss them into a bag. But this year we are freezing more peaches. Why am I freezing? […]

10 Uses for Zucchini That Doesn’t Include a Casserole

If you planted even one zucchini plant you are looking for ways to use it. If you planted more than one, you are probably the one dropping them on neighbors doorsteps at night, desperately trying to get rid of it. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to use zucchini, millions of things even, but […]

How To Manage Your Money

Managing money is not an easy task as it is a huge part of our lives. Knowing how much you earn is critical as you will not be able to figure out how much to spend every month if you don’t know what your monthly income is. Therefore, it will be very hard for you […]

More Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

If you read about my Yard Sale you will remember that I sold my patio set. My husband did not like it. I really liked it, but we ended up selling it for more than we paid for it, so it’s gone. We went out walking one night shortly after that and saw that our […]