Kids and Budgeting

I think the whole concept of giving my kids a budget kind of took me by surprise.  I thought we would go out and shop for good deals, save lots of money and end of story.  BUT NO!  Girls like to have new clothes and apparently need a lot of them.  Well, it wasn’t in […]

Kids, Money and Entitlement

If you missed the first post start here, Teaching Your Child the Value of Money. When does Entitlement Begin?  You hear that word a lot, ENTITLEMENT.  A lot of kids have entitlement issues.  They are so used to getting anything they want, they just begin to assume they can have it all. I think part […]

Teaching Your Child the Value of Money

When I say ‘teaching your child the value of money’ I don’t mean that a dime is $.10.  What I mean is do they understand what money can buy? How valuable it is, and how it DOES NOT grow on trees!!  We need to be teaching our kids about money. Growing up we didn’t have […]

Prom Dress+Frugal Mom=Compromise

I have always taught my kids the value of money.  I never ever hand them money.  I am sure this is frustrating to them at times, but I am appalled at the number of times my kids have been GIVEN a $5 bill by another kid at school, to go buy whatever they want.  My […]

Frugal Girl in Training

My daughter really wanted this necklace from Urban Outfitters, but it was $34 and she didn’t have the money.  She also knows better than to ask me for that much money for something like that.  I have always been frugal and my kids know it. We were helping out at our church’s rummage sale a […]