Full House Cleaning Just $79

Two things I do during the summer Blow my grocery budget on fresh fruit and vegetables. I just can’t help it Don’t clean my house because I spend as much time just hanging out in my back yard as possible. I know many of you aren’t my personal friends on facebook, but that was my […]

10 Summer Splurges

It’s summer, my favorite time of year!!  I love the sunsets, I am sure I would also love the sunrises, but I am never up that early. If you have read my blog at all you know I am super frugal. But I also have things that I think are worth spending money on. Even […]

Beer and Wine at 50% Off

SOLD OUT!!!! Those went quick! If you live in the Pacific NW or even just plan on visiting this is a great Groupon. Portland is known for it’s many breweries. So much so that July is called Oregon Craft Beer month. Us Oregonians like our beer. Not only that, but also at Pearl Specialty Market […]

Do You Have a Good Deals Lot?

  Over in Sherwood we have a nursery called Loen’s. It’s fun to walk around and check stuff out and see the different plants and get an idea of what things are. There are several things worth buying here, but… You can go across the road to the wholesale lot. At the wholesale lot they […]

3 Ways with Country Style Pork Ribs

Country Style Pork Ribs are on sale this week at Fred Meyer. I had some of these last week in the freezer and brought them out and served them 3 time with 3 different meals. And remember I am feeding teenagers. After this success I will be buying these again this week. Check out what […]

My One Splurge: Local Food

Enjoy this guest post from Alexis Bonari Since adopting minimalism and frugal habits, I’ve cut out most of the luxuries I used to count as part of daily life: eating out at nice French or Italian restaurants, gourmet coffee from the café down the street, buying new and cute clothes every month—you get the picture. […]