Oregon Coast and Beer

Oregon Coast and Beer, what’s not to love? If you are from the area or looking to vacation along the Oregon Coast this is a great deal. For just $199 you can get 2 nights, a large bottle of beer from a local restaurant and breakfast one day at the Pelican pub. This little town […]

Word Of Mouth Worth the Splurge

You know me, I love a splurge every now and then. If you have followed me long you can pretty much guess that my splurge will be about food. There is nothing I love more than a good meal out, with quality food, good portions and great service. We have found that perfect place for […]

Little Big Burger

Finding a great local place in your area is always nice. Great food, great price makes me a happy woman. Looking for a fun place to go eat that won’t break the bank in Portland?  Head on down to Little Big Burger, located in the Pearl. This is such a fun, new place in Portland. […]

My One Splurge: Local Food

Enjoy this guest post from Alexis Bonari Since adopting minimalism and frugal habits, I’ve cut out most of the luxuries I used to count as part of daily life: eating out at nice French or Italian restaurants, gourmet coffee from the café down the street, buying new and cute clothes every month—you get the picture. […]

Are You a Spender??

We live rather frugally.  I have always watched what we spend and monitored it pretty well.  I know I could have done better and been putting more away, but…what can I say.  We try and keep the balance of enjoying our life right now as well. What I do know is that we have a […]

Redbox Deals and Good Eats

There are 2 great deals out there that I want to make sure everyone sees. First off Redbox is offering 3 movies for $1. This offer is through Groupon. It still has 2 more days on it, so take advantage of this one. I might just buy more than one, since you can buy them […]

Tippr Launching in Portland

I have been watching Tippr for awhile and waiting for it to come to Portland.  Finally the time has come.  They are offering a great deal.  If you sign up today you can instantly get $5 in your account.  You don’t even need to buy anything right away, but when you do you will already […]

Hotel Modera Portland

One of the things that I do spend money on is time with my husband.  Sometimes it’s hard to get away, and when you do get time off you hate to spend a ton of time traveling. That’s why I like todays Groupon offer.  A great price to stay downtown Portland.  We have actually done […]

Travel Discounts

Book a vacation at a killer price, the most you will pay is the member price, but if more people buy the price begins to drop. For those of you familiar with Groupon you will be excited to see that there is a Travel group buying site that just went live, called Trip Alertz. If […]

50% off The Body Shop

This is a nationwide offer from Groupon today.  For $20 you can get $40 worth of product at The Body Shop.  What a great Christmas gift!!! This offer is good for 2 per person.  In Store only and you may use it with the “Love Your Body Club” discount and it’s also valid towards sale […]