Bumblekiss in the Beaumont Village

Yesterday you saw the LivingSocial deal for Bumblekiss and today we used it. I know we don’t normally go through our coupons that quickely, but it just worked out that way. This place was amazing and worth every penny, even though we didn’t have to use all that many pennies because of our great coupon. […]

50 Plates Portland, Oregon

My niece came to visit this weekend. She had never been to Portland, so I did my best to give her a great tour of our fabulous city.  Once the rain stopped, of course it rained, we made our way down to the Pearl.  I really wanted to show her some fun places to shop, […]

Stepping Stone Cafe

Restaurants.com was offering an 80% discount and at the time(about 1month ago)  your purchase also came with a FREE $10 gift certificate of your choice, so we chose Stepping Stone Cafe.  This restaurant is in the NW district of Portland, which is very quaint with lots of shopping and places to eat.  With that we […]