Top 3 Summer Meals and Summer Fun Activites

I haven’t been around a lot lately and I do apologize. I have been trying to take full advantage of summer. PROJECTS :: I have worked on hard on 2 outdoor projects, redoing my outdoor table and spray painting my plastic chairs. I finally got the projects done and was so excited since I had […]

Menu Plan for January 23-29

I am pretty proud of myself. I think this is the 3rd week in a row that I have had my menu plan. We are trying to keep our food budget as low as possible, so this is helping a ton. Weird week ahead. I will be gone for a long weekend, Friday – Monday […]

Menu Plan January 15-21

I am trying to keep up with my menu plans because:: 1. It gives me future ideas 2. We all know it saves money 3. You can think through how to buy a special ingredient and use it up before it’s spoils and has to be thrown out. For instance Basil or last week I […]

Benefits of Menu Planning

I had a friend ask on Facebook what people were serving for dinner on a regular basis. It’s a good question. You get stuck in a rut and you want to find out what others are doing, because their rut is different than your rut. And before you know it you have 5 new meals. […]

5 Ways To Fix Brussel Sprouts Including Pizza

I have been on a mission to not only eat brussel sprouts to like them too. So many people rant and rave about them, but when you grew up having them boiled there is no way you can ever imagine them tasting good. The best way to find a good recipe is to post on […]

Easy Appetizers for Those Christmas Parties

I think I checked out there for a few weeks. Sorry, I have been busy just dealing with life, holidays and life. I don’t have many Christmas parties this year and 2 of them are catered, so I have just haven’t had to bring many food items, but nonetheless I have a few goodies tucked […]

Menu Plan Monday November 14-19

It’s been a while since I have put up a menu plan, but the truth is I do them all the time. Even if you have no desire to coupon to save money, you can still save a ton of money by meal planning. I have ruined my family. I love to cook and the […]

Grilled Peach Salsa

If you can make peach salsa then you most surely can make grilled peach salsa right?? A few weeks ago we picked up 72 lbs of peaches. In my mind it seemed like a much smaller amount than it actually was. Nonetheless, we froze some of them and we are now eating and cooking with […]

10 Uses for Zucchini That Doesn’t Include a Casserole

If you planted even one zucchini plant you are looking for ways to use it. If you planted more than one, you are probably the one dropping them on neighbors doorsteps at night, desperately trying to get rid of it. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to use zucchini, millions of things even, but […]

Grilled Guacamole

Any of you that follow my blog know that if it can be cooked, I am pretty sure it can be grilled. I had also heard of grilling avocados to make guacamole, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was so easy, anyone can do this, and I make lazy man’s guacamole, […]