Stockpiling with FREE Pasta

It’s been awhile since I have showed you some good deals out there, but I have some for you this week.  This is in an effort to start stockpile shopping again, so I have things on hand. Today I made my way to Safeway for some FREE Barilla Pasta.  It was on sale for 5 […]

It’s So Easy to Save

Yesterday I posted my shopping list for you.  I bought exactly what was on my list with my coupons and my doubles and my eCoupons.  I got all this for 53¢.  The gal bagging was so impressed, she even commented on my way out. Did you get in on any of these deals? I pretty […]

What Looks Good This Week

I know I am a little behind, but as I finally sat down to look through some papers I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss some good deals out there.  Out of all the ads the first one to jump out at me as some good options was Haggen. HAGGEN Cantaloupe or Seedless […]

I Scored Today

It’s been awhile since I have had a great score at the store.  I get great buys here and there at Target, but this is one of my better ones in a long time. I went to Safeway today and took advantage of the ziploc deal that is happening until June 16th.  If you buy […]

My Picks for the Week-Is the Produce Good?

The season is upon us for fresh fruits and veggies.  Today I walked by the peaches and they smelled amazing.  I love peaches, they are my favorite fruit, but I never buy this time of year.  It’s still a little early and usually buying at the high price is usually (but not always) followed by […]

What’s Looking Good This Week

First off, if you print out your coupons, and you should be, head over to  They  have new coupons at the beginning of each month.  I print out everything I think I might use, just in case they have a limit and are gone.  That’s why you will see me refer to a coupon […]

Cheap or FREE Ziploc Containers

I was excited to see this deal as well and don’t want you to miss it if you need to stock up.  You can get Ziploc containers at Safeway for a few weeks for 24¢ or FREE depending on what coupons you have and the catalinas will roll to get more. These a great with […]

My Picks of the Week

I am excited about a lot of things this week at each store.  Since I have a crazy schedule I am not sure I will be able to get it all, but I will try. ALBERTSONS Kelloggs Cereal 5 for $10 when you buy 5 save $4 on next trip Use coupons from Redplum $1 […]

My Picks of the Week

These are the items that I think are a good deal.  I don’t list everything and I mostly stay away from processed foods, so I look for all the good deals with that in mind. It was ironic in the Portland Food Day that the topic was Radical Homemaking.  It was about really getting back […]

Traveling and Using Coupons

We were traveling from Portland to Idaho for our Spring Break. Wow, we really know how to vacation don’t we? Anyways we stopped in Pendleton for snacks and gas.  I had thought ahead to bring my coupon book, even though I was pretty sure I would not be doing any shopping, well I am glad […]