Do Your Towels Stink? Mine Don’t

Nearly 2 years ago I bought towels on clearance at Target. Here’ s part of the post here :: So now my rant for why I am willing to buy cheap towels.  My towels always end up stinking.  Before when I had a top load washer I would add vinegar to take out that sour […]

A Day of Savings

I really love eating out and good food. So I am always looking for ways to save money so I can keep enjoying those things. Today was that day, a day of coupons and savings. After a crazy week I love to get up on Saturday morning, with my husband and head somewhere and drink […]

Change – Not the Kind in Your Pocket

This week we celebrated our 21 year anniversary and my daughter officially became a senior. My son is done with school for the year and will transfer from a private Christian school to the public school with his sister. I like to think I am fairly calm about all this. The marriage thing is a […]

12 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Definitely get auto insurance, so your car doesn’t end up looking like this. I think most of us are still in the mode of saving money any way we can. The one thing we haven’t addressed for over a year is our car insurance. Let me back up first. We had USAA car insurance over […]

Should You Buy Your Teenager a Car?

Alright this is a legit question and I have friends on both sides of the fence. One side says, “It makes my life easier and less running around for me.” The other group says, “I am NOT going to just hand them a car, they need to earn it or pay for it or have […]

When Can We Stop Accumulating?

It seems we are always looking for the next best thing for our living room.  The next best gadget for our kitchen, the better sofa, the nicer chair the pretty painting…does the list ever stop? The other day I decided I wasn’t going to by anything else for my kitchen.  With both kids in high […]

Everything I Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas

Is on sale now at Sears.  Wh0 remembers that jingle from years past? How many are headed out to look for some after Christmas deals? There will be deals to be had on the day after Christmas, but be warned they might not be as good as you hope. Why you ask? Well, people are […]

3 Reasons to Use a Credit Card-Tuesday’s Tip

Many people are anti credit cards, but when used responsibly they can actually help you…. Protect yourself.  If for any reason you need to dispute a purchase, credit card companies are happy to help, given your reasons are legit. Added warranty.  Most people will pay the extra $100 for the extended or warranty or just […]

Tuesday’s Tip – “Reduced for Quick Sale”

Whenever I go to the grocery store I always, always stop by the “reduce for quick sale” bins.  They have them for breads, meats and cheeses, not to mention other products as well. MEAT/POULTRY The “sell by date” is a guide for the store to know when they need to move a product. Meat needs […]

Tuesday’s Tips – 10 Ways to Save on Clothing

If you have spent any time on my site you know I am big into couponing.  But you also need to know I am big into getting any good deal, with or without a coupon. I have decided to start a Tuesdays Tips where I will share a money saving tip that has nothing to […]