My One Splurge: Local Food

Enjoy this guest post from Alexis Bonari Since adopting minimalism and frugal habits, I’ve cut out most of the luxuries I used to count as part of daily life: eating out at nice French or Italian restaurants, gourmet coffee from the café down the street, buying new and cute clothes every month—you get the picture. […]

Cover Your Crack

If you are all still not sure what you want your husbands to get you for Mother’s Day I do have a suggestion.  For those of you that wear low rise jeans and hate having your crack show, you can now buy these.  Or better yet, we can buy them and hand them out to […]

4 Easy Steps Before You Hit the Store

Being organized is the best way to make each trip a success.  Try these 4 easy steps to get yourself in and out of the store quickly. 1.    Go through the ad and understand any sales or deals going on, and take your ad with you. Also know when you should be receiving Register Rewards […]

Target Clearance 2/26

I only had a few minutes to make my way through Target.  I wasn’t planning on going at all, but I saw posted somewhere that someone had bought large boxes of Instant Oatmeal, with the 30 pkgs of instant oatmeal. Regularly priced at $6.99 Clearance for $3.48 used $1 off from HERE or Albertsons coupon […]


Careful what you request for FREE. How on earth did I end up with a T-shirt 3 times my size? If this were the 80’s and my hair were bigger I would be set.  I really wanted to blame it on my husband but it was my name only, right there on the package. What […]