School Supplies – How to Get the Best Prices

It’s true, those back to school supplies are already out.  How is that even possible?  Here in the Pacific NW summer is just getting under way, or so it seems. But they are there and they are ready for the picking.  Some people will see them and jump right in and get it done and […]

Do Your Towels Stink? Mine Don’t

Nearly 2 years ago I bought towels on clearance at Target. Here’ s part of the post here :: So now my rant for why I am willing to buy cheap towels.  My towels always end up stinking.  Before when I had a top load washer I would add vinegar to take out that sour […]

Great Price on Target Cleaning Supplies

It’s been awhile since I have shared any deals with you. I am picky and so many of the deals are things that I just don’t eat or use. Plus I do feel like some of the deals I have taken advantage of in the past just aren’t as good as they used to be. […]

How to Do a Price Adjustment

It’s been a while since I have shared a Tuesday’s Tip, but I have a good one. GET YOUR PRICE ADJUSTMENT First off know how many days you have to get a price adjustment. Off the top of my head I know that Target is 7 days while Fred Meyer is 14. Other places I […]

Everything I Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas

Is on sale now at Sears.  Wh0 remembers that jingle from years past? How many are headed out to look for some after Christmas deals? There will be deals to be had on the day after Christmas, but be warned they might not be as good as you hope. Why you ask? Well, people are […]

Crazy Target Clearance

I just got back from Target and there was a ton of clearance.  I bought socks for 25¢ each, workout shirts for $3.74, a set of queen sheets for $8.71, t-shirts for $4.98, workout shorts for $1.98, and much, much more. I came home with 14 things and spent $54.  That includes a pair of […]

$3 Off Jeans at Target

Target has released their new coupons for the month and they have $3 off jeans again.  I love these because I wait for jeans to go on sale or clearance.  We have purchased our last few pairs of jeans for $12 each. If you want these or any of the apparel coupons from Target print […]

Target is Hot This Week

Yesterday I ran into Target real quick, got a phone call and had to leave.  I made my way back today because I had some great coupons that were expiring. When I was there yesterday this rug caught my eye.  It was regularly $34, marked down to $22.  That was just too steep for me.  […]

Saving? It Can Be Done

Mama Kat has encouraged us to write about a time that we have saved a ton of money. Well, as you can tell by my blog name this is right up my alley. I am frugal. I love finding things I can save money on, only to be able to spend on things I truly […]

Great Prices on Clothes at Target

We are trying real hard this year to stay on pretty tight back to school budget.  My kids are ok with getting more clothes in January, so stocking up a little right now is all we are really doing. Last week we went to Target.  My daughter found 2 pairs of jeans each $20.  I […]