Free Post It Notes at Target This Week

Target has these on sale this week for $1 and you can print this coupon for $1 off and get them for FREE. Some people use these for quick notes, but when you have kids my kids’ age you will find different uses.  Like using a whole pack to cover the front door of someone’s […]

Great Target Deals

Today was a great day in more than one way.  I went shopping…by myself.  When I say that I mean without other adults having to help.  It’s been 4 weeks since I did that. All week I wanted to get to Target for their school supplies because they had some things I really wanted. Unfortunately […]

What’s Looking Good This Week

We just got back from an amazing weekend getaway.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.  First thing I did when I got home was check out the coupons in the paper and my favorite ads, Fred Meyer and Target.  There are a few things I will be grabbing this week. FRED […]

Target Deals

I scored pretty good at Target yesterday.  I was on a mission to find a shirt to wear to a wedding today.  I had a 20% off Merona coupon from my Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine and I had a $2 off Merona catalina.  All that to say,  I was searching through the Merona line, […]

What I Am Excited About This Week

FRED MEYERS There is nothing amazing, but it’s a good time to pick up a few items if you really need them.  For me there are a few that I really need this week.  Free is good, cheap also works for me. Fred Meyer Yogurt 3 for $1 – no high fructose corn syrup Tomatoes […]

Out and About This Week

I have friends that ask me “Now what is it that you get for FREE?  And HOW do you do that?  Well it’s all about timing, and watching and carrying your coupons. I have all my coupons filed away.  Before I file away the insert I take out the coupons I know that I will […]

Target Online Coupons

I get text updates from Target on occasion. I got one early yesterday morning, but it was beautiful here, so I never took time to check it out.  I am so glad that I finally did. Check out some of these great coupons $5 off Merona Handbag – Already gone $2 off Merona women’s Hosiery […]

Wow! A Lot is Lookin’ Good This Week

Where do I start because both Fred Meyers and Target have some great things going on and then there are Albertsons Doubles.  If you haven’t combed through the ads yet, you had better start now, lots of great deals happening this week. FRED MEYER Let’s start with the Beauty Bargains Ad Covergirl Buy 1 get […]

Ore Ida Coupons

Did you see my Post earlier this week that showed how I got FREE Ore Ida Hashbrowns.  I know it was because I had a gift card from last weeks purchase, but it was also from my $1 off coupons.  Here in Oregon we got $1 coupons for Ore Ida Hashbrowns. If you didn’t get […]

Target Price Adjustments

You can get a price adjustment from Target if you do it within 7 days of your purchase.  This is something that I do love about Target, although I liked it better when it was 14 days. My friend had purchased a rug that was on Sale last week in the Target flier.  I later […]