Blog of the Week

Woohoo!  I got a pleasant surprise.  BlogMommas has highlighted me as blog of the week.  Thank you. If you are stopping by from BlogMommas I can give you a real quick tour of what I do here. First off, I am not a deal blog, although when I do see something amazing that I don’t […]

Tuesday’s Tip – 4 Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Fortunately for us we have only had a few instances where we have had big medical bills.  No matter how big or small, there are ways to save money on your medical bills, you just need to do some work. 1.  Make Sure You Are Not Overcharged The routine check ups are easy to watch […]

Tuesday Tips-10 Ways to Save With Your Garden

I love to garden.  I love my veggie garden and I love my flower garden.  I love to garden. There are ways to save for both.  You saw earlier how I bought bulbs and shared them with a friend in exchange for plants.  That is a great resource… but let’s look at other ways to […]