How To Get Rid of Body Odor So You Can Enjoy Your Tank Tops

Molly Shannon our Superstar!!!  Love that character. She is always checking her pits to see if they stink. How many of you would admit that you have pulled a “Molly Shannon?” I have pulled a “Molly Shannon” several times. I have the worst BO. I have to use clinical deodorant every day and if I […]

Tuesdays Tip – Saving Money

  My most favorite money saving tip is this: If you don’t have the money don’t buy it My second most favorite money saving tip is this: If you don’t have money to spend, don’t even go to the store. I know they both sound so easy and so simple, but how often do we […]

How to Do a Price Adjustment

It’s been a while since I have shared a Tuesday’s Tip, but I have a good one. GET YOUR PRICE ADJUSTMENT First off know how many days you have to get a price adjustment. Off the top of my head I know that Target is 7 days while Fred Meyer is 14. Other places I […]

3 Reasons to Use a Credit Card-Tuesday’s Tip

Many people are anti credit cards, but when used responsibly they can actually help you…. Protect yourself.  If for any reason you need to dispute a purchase, credit card companies are happy to help, given your reasons are legit. Added warranty.  Most people will pay the extra $100 for the extended or warranty or just […]

Give That Helium Balloon New Life

Today’s Tuesday’s Tip is a favorite of mine.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet.  Actually you will get 2 great tips today. First off if you decide you want to buy a Helium balloon for an event, DON’T go to Target, Fred Meyer or any of those kinds of stores or even a […]

4 Simple Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

Tuesday’s Tip – There are a few ways to save on prescription drugs, I just wish someone would have told me sooner before I had spent so much. Buy them at Costco without your insurance – I know this sounds crazy, but with certain prescriptions are cheaper this way, you will just need to get […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Watch for Awful Sales

This is your money saving tip of the day:: Just because it’s on sale doesn’t make it a good deal As the Holidays approach and the stores start offering sale after sale, make sure you do your homework to know if indeed it is a good sale. Stores tend to mark things up, then take […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Inexpensive Prosciutto

If you cook with Prosciutto, (I sure do) using the words inexpensive seems way off.  It’s always quite expensive. You probably grab it from the packaged area, since you might only need a little.  The cost is probably around $5.99 for 4oz. I have seen a few different sizes, but all relatively small and usually […]

Tuesday’s Tip – “Reduced for Quick Sale”

Whenever I go to the grocery store I always, always stop by the “reduce for quick sale” bins.  They have them for breads, meats and cheeses, not to mention other products as well. MEAT/POULTRY The “sell by date” is a guide for the store to know when they need to move a product. Meat needs […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Save on Museums

The holidays are coming and with family coming into town, this is a reminder for you. Next time you decided to go to a museum or a local destination, check your library for FREE passes.  Right here in Portland we have lots of free passes we can use.  You need to go in ahead of […]