Tuesday’s Tip – Pop Your Own Popcorn

I had no idea you could do this.  I am so excited about it because I just realized that all microwave popcorn that you buy has hydrogenated oil in it. My dad would be embarrassed if he saw me post this.  He has given me popcorn on the cob several times and we have done […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Cut Back on Electricity and Save a Fan

In each of the bathrooms we added timer switches to our fans.  If you forget to turn it off before you run out the door, you could come home to the fan still running, who knows how many hours later. I know we aren’t talking the same amount as leaving your A/C running all day, […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Sharing Bulbs

Right now Spring Garden Bulbs are on sale everywhere.  I personally think the ones at Costco are the best price, but I won’t lie, 100 of one flower becomes a lot.  Find a friend, choose 2 that you like and split the bags.  Most times the bags are split evenly into separate bags already. That […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Old Magazines Get a New Life

What’s your first thought when you read the post title?  You are probably thinking I should share my magazines with others so we all get benefits out of them.  Well, that is a great idea, but that is not at all what I am talking about. One of my favorite things is food.  Because of […]

Tuesday’s Tip ~ Buying a Baby Gift

It is so easy to buy baby items on clearance, no matter what the season.  It can be done so affordably and no one will know.  As you search clearance buy a new born toy, a 12 month old out fit, a book for a 2yr old and a toddlers pack.  Really mix it up.  […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Free Drawer Organizers

This tip is directly from my daughter.  She didn’t share it with me, I actually saw that she had done it and I thought it was so clever. She goes through the Q-tips like crazy (that helped with this idea).  She takes the back cardboard off and is left with the clear front.  She puts […]

Tuesday’s Tip-Preserving Fruit for Complete Idiots

I love summer fruit.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I would love to be able to take that fresh fruit right into winter with me, but even though I grew up on a farm and my family canned a lot of things, I never learned the trade.  Mostly because I don’t really enjoy […]

Tuesday Tip – Cheap Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

Summer is almost over here, and for some people it’s already back to school. For you, I am truly sorry.  For us, well we still have 3 more weeks.  Therefore we have some time to take advantage of some last minute summer fun. Vacation Thrills lists 13 great ideas including Taking in another city for […]

Tuesdays Tips- Affordable, Versatile T-shirt

T-shirts make the wardrobe go a long ways, and they are affordable. Yesterday was a good shopping day for me.  First off I hate shopping, so it’s good if it’s a quick in and out and if it’s cheap.  So as I was saying, yesterday was a good shopping day for me. I have talked […]

School Clothes Shopping That’s Easy on Your Pocketbook

Just like school supplies, there are keys to getting the great deals.  Read on for your Tuesday Tip: Shop Your Closet – I don’t care how big or small your closet or drawers are, there are things in there you have forgotten about.  Pull out everything and evaluate.  This is where everyone should start. Have […]