Tuesday’s Tip – Free Food

See how amazing these look?  This bag was stuffed clear full and they were FREE. There were 7 of us girls last night going out for an evening of fun and sun.  We went to our friends house, who lives on the lake, we take amazing food we have made, then we head to the […]

10 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Here in the Pacific NW we always joke that summer starts after July 4th, well we are pretty much right on schedule.  So to celebrate the beginning of our official summer, let’s look at ways to save. 1.  Go to Yard Sales – My husband is not a huge fan, but I do love making […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Know When to Buy

I actually put this tip up just a few months ago.  You need to know when you buy something so you can see how long it lasts.  I have done this on a number of things and I just wanted to report in. First off I must say, I do coupon and I love finding […]

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Save Money on Health Insurance

When is the last time you did  your homework, including your math, and made sure you were getting the best possible deal on your Health Insurance? Whenever our renewal comes, I double check to make sure we are still making the best decision and paying the best price for our family. Here a few things […]

5 Ways to Keep from Over Spending During a Move-Tuesday’s Tip

This seems to be the time of year that people start to pack their bags and move.  Or maybe it’s just us, we have moved 14 times in our 21 years of marriage.  People ask if we are military, I just tell them we are running from the law. Seriously we have had a series […]

Figuring Out Hotwire.com – Tuesday’s Tip

For those of you that have used Hotwire.com you know that you choose your price, # of stars and general location, then you hand over you money, and THEN they tell you what hotel you have chosen. We have successfully and unsuccessfully used Hotwire.com.  The first time we ever tried it was when we went […]

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Get Party Ready in 6 Steps

Actually you will get 2 money saving tips today.  The first one is if you buy 2 gallons of milk, don’t let them sit in the car overnight.  Ugh… back to the store. As you may have read earlier we had the Formal After Party at our house.  I was told about 2 days before […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Frugal Summer Vacations

Most of you should already have an idea of what you are doing for your summer trip. Some of you might still be trying to lock down dates for that trip. Hopefully some of you are looking at doing some Theme parks or Roller coaster parks.  If that is the case then check out this […]

Tuesday’s Tip-How To Do Prom Affordable yet Beautiful

What a magical night. The dress my daughter got was so beautiful and perfect for her.  We had to do a few things, but here is how it all played out.  If you remember correctly she was given a $100 budget. We found the dress at Abby’s Closet for FREE.  Another suggestion would be to […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Great Girl Gifts

I know I already did a Tween girl birthday gift, but like I said the first time, it was my favorite gift giving time.  It just seemed so easy.  The boys were not so easy, but the girls…..super easy. This was one of my all time favorite gift ideas.  I would watch clearance at Target […]