What To Do With Expired Registar Rewards

Nothing…. Yesterday  I had 1 small $3 register rewards expiring. I didn’t make an effort to get there, I kind of looked to see if there was something that I might needs, I also looked to see how I could roll it into another register reward. Ok, confession time.  I don’t like Walgreens.  I really […]

Safeway and Walgreens Shopping

Today I had RR at Walgreens expiring and I had a Safeway  $10 OYNO expiring.  I will post later tonight what my real goal for the day was, but because I am frugal and I was driving right by both these stores I had to stop.  They are slightly out of my way, so I […]

Walgreens 2/28

Wow, there are going to be some good sales coming next week to Walgreens.  But really quickly before I go there, I just heard that this week they Goody hair products are $2.99 with a $2rr.  Apparently some of these hair products are marked down and in the clearance section and they are still giving […]

Walgreens Coupon Policy

There are a few rules that you need to know about when you go to Walgreens.  You will see people post about how they are using RR’s (Register Rewards) to pay for other products, but there are ways to go about it to make sure you get your next RR. First off let’s talk about […]

Walgreens Deals 1/31-2/6

Ok, I am not going to lie, this was hard to figure out how to pay as little as possible.  I think I will eventually get the hang of it.  I have to admit the shopping part was actually really fast and so was putting the coupons together.  But coming up with the scenario to […]

Walgreens FAIL

This is crazy, every single time I got to Walgreens I make a mistake.  I am making a category called FAIL because we all do this.  It just seems like I am doing it a lot and it always seems to happen at Walgreens.  I don’t particularly like that store anyways, so going in there […]

Walgreens 1-6 Trip

Ok my trip was almost a success.  I say almost because I do at least one thing wrong every time…ok truth is I do a lot of things wrong.  But like I have said in my previous posts I have a gal there that is patient and works with me and makes sure I follow […]